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At Craven Koena Trading Projects we pride ourselves on exceeding all expectations when it comes to service delivery.

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Craven Koena Trading Projects, serves both the domestic and commercial markets.


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At Craven Koena Trading Projects, we pride ourselves on exceeding all expectations when it comes to service delivery. We strive to develop a more personal relationship with our clients and like to include you in every step of the process. We are committed to ensuring that your needs are always met and go out of our way to make sure that each task is performed conveniently and efficiently. By including various services to our repertoire we are able to complete projects without forcing clients to work through various subcontractors.

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In order to keep response time to a minimum in emergencies we concentrate our offerings on Johannesburg and surrounding areas, still servicing outer Johannesburg areas upon client request

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Plumbing faq

Rain water is known as soft water. Once this water absorbs into the ground, picking up minerals and substances like calcium, lime, magnesium, and so on, it becomes categorized as hard water. The issue with hard water is that it can clog your pipes. You can even feel the difference between hard and soft water. Also, soft water lathers up better and requires less detergent when washing clothes.

Pipes may freeze whenever the temperature goes below freezing. When a home isn’t properly heated, the extreme cold endangers the plumbing. The main concern is that the frozen water expands when it turns to ice, causing the pipes to burst. Before any cold weather arrives, thoroughly drain the outside valves then close the interior valve leading inside. You might also want to use faucet insulators.
While all toilets make noise when flushed, a sudden change in volume could be because the water flowing into the tank has been restricted somehow. The ballcock assembly, which regulates the water entering the tank could be broken, as well as other parts. If the ballcock isn’t working, you can easily replace the entire assembly.
Drainage problems can be the result of clogging. The age of your pipes might also be a factor. Slow drainage might indicate a large clog, roots in the pipeline, or backups from the sewer. If these problems become frequent or worsen, be sure to contact a professional plumber.
Noisy and rattling pipes can range from loud hammering to noisy squeaks are caused by a number of things. Your pipes might not be secured properly, you could have faulty tap or mixer which is causing an imbalance in the pipes or your pressure relief valve could be blocked. Due to the range of possible causes, call Craven Koena Trading Projects, we will perform a thorough inspection of your pipes. Most of the time the solution is quick and simple.

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